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Universal measuring system ISC2. Versatile system equipped with WiFi communication and web server for easy access and control. 4 bipolar / 8 unipolar analog inputs with 24 b. A / D converters. The system can be used for weighing, dosing and many other applications according to the types of sensors used.

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Custom system for weighing EUWEI helicopters. Weighing capacity up to several tens of tons according to sensors. Automatic detection and calibration of sensors by the control unit. Possibility of direct printing of weighing data by a built-in thermal printer in the control unit.

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WEFA livestock weighing scale. Weighing capacity up to 1200kg according to the sensor. Easy handling. Possibility of recording or direct printing of weighing data.

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Weighing crossbeam GIRWEI. Universal traverse weighing system with a capacity of up to 100 t. Possibility of remote control and data recording. Possibilities of modifications and additions of functions according to the customer's wishes.

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