Custom development and production of electronics


We provide complete solutions for customer systems, from equipment design to implementation and installation.

  • The scheme or the very idea of the function of the device will suffice as a outline
  • Design and optimization of the scheme according to customer specifications
  • Designs of up to 4-layer PCBs, including assignments for production and subsequent installation
  • Design with the help of powerful ORCAD software with the possibility of generating data for assembly machines
  • Output data in GERBER format for direct input into production.
  • Design options according to the assignment of the construction class
  • Design footprints of special components that are not part of the ORCAD libraries
  • Possibility to specify the production of foils with a soldering mask for SMT
  • Possibility of design of mechanical components and their input into production

PCB mounting


We provide machine and manual mounting of prototype and small series PCB technologies THT, SMT and BGA.

  • Machine mounting of SMT small series PCBs on ESSEMTEC CSM7200 automatic mounting machine
  • Manual THT mounting after automatic mounting
  • Machine mounting speed approx. 3600 parts / hour.
  • Installation and replacement of BGA components on the MARTIN Expert service station 09.6
  • Double-sided SMT mounting with the use of thermal adhesives
  • Preparation of mounting data from output files of design programs ORCAD, Eagle, Formica, etc., including assignment of PCB and foil production with soldering mask
  • Manual mounting of prototype and small series PCBs (THT and SMT) without the need to use plates with a soldering mask
  • Possibility of fitting non-standard cases, including BGA technology
  • Use of proven lead-free solders
  • Thorough optical inspection and ultrasonic PCB cleaning
  • Possibility of complete PCB design, commissioning and subsequent installation according to customer requirements

PCB repairs


We have powerful service stations for repairs of THT, SMT and BGA technologies.

  • Powerful service station MARTIN Expert 09.6 for repairs and installation of BGA circuits
  • Smaller SOLOMON repair stations for repairs of THT technologies
  • AOYUE 825 ++ and Weller WD - 2M stations for quick repairs of SMT technologies
  • Possibility of PCB soldering in the ESSEMTEC soldering furnace
  • Thorough optical inspection and ultrasonic PCB cleaning