Why choose an industrial inkjet printer from us?

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantages of our industrial inkjet printers are their maintenance-free operation, thanks to the cartridge system. This ensures very easy operation of printing systems in combination with a friendly user interface. There is no need to prepare the printing system before the work itself, just turn it on, insert a cartridge with the desired type and color of ink, select a stored print job or create a new one and start printing. Finishing printing is even easier, just turn off the printer and store the cartridge. No rinsing with hazardous chemicals or handling of open ink is required, which may result in environmental pollution. If the print head is damaged, simply replace the cartridge with a new one and printing can continue.

Our printing systems are in line with the same principle of printing and ease of use with a standard inkjet printer for the office, but here their similarity ends. The system is adapted to each customer exactly according to his needs and the most suitable type of ink is selected according to the type of packaging materials used.