Weight Manager

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Weight Manager control software. Universal weighing software. Any weighing system from TS Electronics can be connected wirelessly to the software. The system allows the connection of up to four weighing stations at once. It is therefore suitable for wireless weighing bridges or multi-point weighing of pallets and heavy loads. The friendly user interface allows the import of up to three spreadsheet files from which it is possible to assign data to the current measured weight, including the creation of a note. The measurement report is stored in a clear spreadsheet file, so a very fast connection to the warehouse system is possible. This system makes it possible to increase the efficiency of production and logistics management.

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Silo Manager

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System for weighing forces and tanks. New system for control of production raw materials. Up to 15 weighing stations can be connected to the Silo manager control system (ISC2 modules). Up to 4 strain gauges can be connected to each of the modules. A trend graph can be displayed for each silo or tank. With an adjustable interval, all measured data are automatically stored in a clear tabular file csv (excel), which can be used for production planning and logistics.